What we do for you

Localization Ninja Inc. is a boutique translation and localization firm in Dallas, Texas focused on the translation of Japanese into English. We specialize in handling your business and technical documents, including websites, patents, Powerpoint presentations, press releases, technical manuals, scientific papers, and investor relations (IR) reports.

With a deep understanding of both American and Japanese culture and a passion for quality, we will translate your technical, business, and media content into natural, idiomatic English, while retaining the precision, nuance, and persuasiveness of the original Japanese.

Document security policies

Our clients include international law firms and some of Japan’s largest multinational corporations. We are committed to protecting their documents and files through security best practices, including:

  • Strictly obeying the terms of signed NDAs.
  • Never storing client files on portable USB storage devices.
  • Never discussing client work in blogs or social media.
  • Backing up daily to a secure, private remote server (not “the cloud”).
  • Destroying all materials (source, target, reference, and backup) upon completion of a project.
  • Keeping computers free of malware and file-sharing programs.
  • Using high-strength encryption, MAC and port filtering, and email over SSL/TLS.


We know what clear technical, scientific, and business writing looks like. With hundreds of projects under our belt for dozens of clients since 2009, we have the experience to deliver quality work on time with no surprises.

Attention to detail

Your projects are mission-critical and you can't afford to take risks. Our four-step quality control process ensures that your content is localized to the US market and delivered on time in natural, idiomatic, error-free English every time.

Technical savvy

We have expert-level knowledge in a range of technical and scientific domains including information and communications technology, advanced manufacturing, and civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering. And we have a deep understanding of the technical aspects of localization, including CMSs, locales, and legacy character encodings like Shift-JIS.