Four translation growth areas in 2020

  1. Subtitling. With all the new streaming services coming online, subtitling is in demand like never before. Novice translators can get experience in this area by volunteering to translate TED talks and Coursera courses before jumping into the fray. To learn more, see Deborah Wexler’s comprehensive presentation Breaking into Subtitling.
  2. Games. The size of the video game industry is expected to hit $300 billion by 2025 and demand for game localizers has never been higher. Game localizers need a solid understanding of the industry and deep cultural insights in addition to linguistic skills.
  3. Scientific and scholarly papers. Academics all over the world are under pressure to publish in prestigious English-language journals like Science and Nature, and receive financial incentives when they do so. This is driving increased demand for translation of academic papers.
  4. Patents. This is the oldest category in the list but the number of patents just keeps growing worldwide, with China alone submitting four times more patent applications in 2018 compared to 2008.