News from Nikkei Asia

A large portion of our translation work is annual reports to investors and similar corporate business and financial documents and presentations. To translate these documents well, you need to keep up with business, financial, and political news around the world.

An excellent source of news that is underappreciated in the West is Nikkei Asia, the flagship English-language journal from Nikkei (日本経済新聞), the world’s largest financial newspaper.

In addition to its high-quality reporting from its journalists all over the world, Nikkei Asia has three other desirable qualities:

  • A focus on Asia. Recent trends suggest that the 21st century will be an Asian century, not an American century. Nikkei Asia offers comprehensive coverage of business and politics across East Asia, ASEAN, and the Indian subcontinent.
  • Partnership with the Financial Times. Nikkei bought the Financial Times, arguably the world’s best newspaper, in 2015, and when you subscribe to Nikkei Asia you gain access to some of the resources and perspectives from the Financial Times, notably the columnists Martin Wolf, John Gapper, and Gillian Tett.
  • No ads. Nikkei Asia’s revenue model is 100% subscription-based. One lesson from the past decade is that media and social networks that adopt an ad-based revenue model are incentivized to cocoon readers in a fake news bubble. Under the subscription model, in contrast, journalists are incentivized to value accuracy. In the business world, accurate information is the coin of the realm, which is why paying for access to high-quality journalism is worth every cent.

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