Takeaways from the Fall 2021 Trados Elevate conference

  • In his keynote address, Trados Product Manager Daniel Brockmann noted that the language technology landscape is now more fragmented than ever. According to Nimdzi, there are now 750 technology providers, 60+ generic translation management systems, 60+ machine translation systems, and 50+ terminology management systems. Brockmann said he wants to position the Trados translation management and translation productivity solutions as the “glue” that integrates the industry. Despite the acquisition by RWS, they will keep the “Trados” brand name for these solutions.
  • In the technical sessions on Trados Studio, Fleur Schut and Paul Filkin presented some interesting examples of using the Advanced Display Filter. The Advanced Display Filter is a very powerful tool, well worth the effort to master, especially when it comes to doing QA on large projects. Also, Paul pointed out that the Advanced Display Filter lets you save any complex filtering configurations you come up with for later re-use, and Fleur pointed out that you can even generate an XLIFF from the results of the filter.

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