Y. Murakami

I was very much impressed by your beautiful and perfect translation, and most importantly, your understanding level of Japanese which seems very high.

S. Watanabe

What I wanted to say was understood properly. The quality of English sentences was also very good.

K. Tanaka

Excellent translation. Keep up the great work!

Y. Tenda

とてもわかりにくい和文を、すっきりとした英文にしてくださりありがとうござ いました。 日本人ですが、和文よりも英訳の方が、はるかに読みやすかったです。

Bob C.

High quality work with quick turnaround times!

K. Ikoma


Gemma C.

As always your quality levels are excellent; the changes made by the client are all minor and are well within our SLA thresholds, so I’m a happy Quality Manager 🙂

Y. Murakami


Y. Murakami

Your translation has been impressive (highly appreciated!) and I have been informing all the directors that your translation is excellent and we hope to keep a good business partnership with you in future too.

Y. Murakami