Translation and localization industry conferences in 2022

At Localization Ninja we love everything about conferences — the travel, the networking, the exposure to ideas, and the continuing education needed to stay on top of your profession.

This year there is a fantastic selection of translation industry events in a wide range of interesting regions around the world. We are especially looking forward to attending the following:

  • The annual conference of the American Translators Association is in Los Angeles this October, and next year’s conference will be in Miami. Two fantastic cities for the translation industry’s must-attend yearly event!
  • From the perspective of tantalizing locations, how can you beat a Greek island in the Aegean sea? The 2022 event we are looking forward to the most from a travel perspective is the first New Trends in Translation and Technology conference which will take place at the Sheraton resort on the island of Rhodes, Greece, from July 2 to July 6.
  • Finally, an ongoing localization event that we have not yet attended but hope to soon is the UTICamp, is a unique open-air conference held in the woods near Dnipro, Ukraine. Maybe this will be the year!

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